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CamDesk is currently an inactive project, but not abandonded! This simply means slow developmental improvements.


CamDesk is a free, open source, desktop webcam widget, that was created as home surveillance application. Although others have used it for demonstration purposes, and even with CamStudio for screen casting.

For those that are looking into displaying images as widgets on your desktop similar to CamDesk, checkout WidgetArea. It's free, open source, and available for Windows, and Linux as well.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding CamDesk, or it's development you can ask the team on our Facebook Fanpage.


Download Source Code



Downloads Statistics located at

If you experience some problems testing CamDesk (black screen, first run successful and following run leading to black screen, …) check if your webcam is UVC (USB Video Class) Linux compliant. To do that, type in the terminal "lsusb".

Now head here to check and see if your webcam is compatible.

What was your incentive developing CamDesk?
Originally I just wanted to make screencasting easier without the need to record the webcam and desktop separately.